The imam of Akyol Mosque, Idris Sari in the Mentese district of Mugla has learned sign language in order to give sermons to deaf muslims.

Sari learned sign language at a community training centre which was run by the Presidency of Religious Affairs (DIB) so that he could communicate with deaf muslims and said that “at first, the community found it a bit odd but they quickly appreciated my effort after seeing handicapped believers showing up at prayers. Now we have eight handicapped faithful in our community. I chat with them after the prayer and answer their religious questions. I am really happy to be able to help them”. Not only does the imam use sign language for prayers, he also gives Quaran lessons twice a week.

Mustafa Aydin, the local mufti said that “we hope to extend this practice in the future. We want to be able to connect with everyone across the country”.

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