An amputee chicken is now able to walk thanks to prosthetic leg surgery that was performed by the Yesilyurt Municipality Veterinarian Directorate in the eastern Anatolian province of Malatya.

“Many people told me: ‘It’s just a chicken, what are you going to do with it? It’s only worth 20 Turkish Lira; why don’t you eat it?’” said the chicken’s owner, Aydemir Gursoy. “But what is the point of being a veterinarian if you abandon each sick chicken or lamb to death?”

Gursoy said he had always been fond of barnyard animals such as chickens and sheep and that he now had 30 chickens and two turkeys in his garden.

Gursoy said he took the chicken, which was suffering from a serious leg wound, to various vets to receive treatment before taking it to the Yesilyurt Municipality Veterinarian Directorate upon the recommendation of a friend.

“Here, for 20 days, the chicken had a couple of surgeries and received various treatments, but in the end they told me they had to amputate its leg. After that, they suggested supporting him with a prosthetic leg. Now, it’s alive, it can walk and even spawn,” said Gursoy.

Meanwhile, Yesilyurt Municipality Veterinarian Directorate head Abuzer Karatas said they had to amputate the chicken’s leg due to symptoms of gangrene and replaced it with a prosthetic leg so that could walk.

“The result is quite satisfactory; the chicken walks perfectly. Its owner is very pleased with the treatment,” he added.

Karatas also said they were treating various animals in their clinic, noting the recent case of a blind eagle owl that had been wounded.







Source Hurriyet

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