A man in the southeastern province of Sanlıurfa has pulled people’s heartstrings by saving unborn pigeons’ lives, waiting for them to hatch for 19 days after their mother made a nest on his truck’s trailer.

Saban Turkoglu, who is a conveyer, found the nest with eggs on the truck bed when he left his house to go to work in the district of Viransehir. He did not have the heart to remove them because it could cost the lives of the unborn birds.Two baby pigeons hatched after Turkoglu did not move the truck, taking care not to damage the nest and eggs for 19 days.

Turkoglu, father of 10 children, said that he would wait for more days to let babies grow a little and then make another nest for them in his garden.

“I bought this truck by taking loan out. I have been paying installments for two years. I will pay for two more years. My loss is 5000-6000 Turkish Lira per month. But it is okay. They are living beings, too. They have right to live,” Turkoglu said. “If I went to work, those babies would not have been born. I would had taken their right to live [if I moved the truck]. This is better for me.”





Source Hurriyet

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