The Security General Directorate is set to start testing drivers’ use of drugs, and drivers under the influence of drugs will be fined around 4,000 Turkish Liras.

The legal grounds of this regulation have been laid, and the Security General Directorate has prepared a notice on the practice of the new Traffic Law passed from the Turkish Parliament. Upon this notice, the police will use an electronic device to detect whether the driver used drugs.

Refusing test to be fined

Drivers who are detected to have used drugs by technical devices or by the tests done at the health centers will be fined 3,600 liras and their driving licenses will be seized for five years.

Those who refuse the use of the devices that detect drugs use will be fined 2,000 liras and their driving licenses will be seized for two years.

Police officers will also use this device after accidents that cause death or injuries. After such incidents, those who refuse the use of this test and those who are unable to use this test will be taken to the closest health institution working under the Health Ministry, or to a forensic medicine institution, where the test will be conducted using blood, saliva, or urine samples.

Source Hürriyet

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