Tesco, the world’s third largest retailers and England’s biggest supermarket chain, will be stocking their shelves with over 120 products made in Turkey throughout their stores in the Britain.

The project, entitled “A Taste of Turkey” kicks off on October 14 and will have Turkish products and brands on display in 235 Tesco locations. The project will not only allow the half million Turkish residents in England to enjoy the flavors they long for from home, but also the millions of Tesco’s other customers will have the chance to be introduced to some of Turkey’s most unique and prized products. In addition to filling the shelves of Tesco’s stores throughout Britain, customers will also be able to purchase these projects on Tesco’s website, Tesco.com.

Tesco worked arm in arm with their Turkish subsidiary Kipa to determine the ideal products to provide to Turkish residents and the market’s consumer group in England. The fruits of their efforts have resulted in a wide spectrum of products spanning from pickles to tea and tomato paste to the traditional Turkish delight.

In an announcement on the project, Tesco England Food Commercial Director John Scouler emphasized the great potential Turkish products have in being offered throughout Tesco’s stores in England and expressed how excited they were to not only present products for their Turkish customers that will remind them of home, but also to be introducing this unique cuisine to their millions of consumers. Scouler also said they were pleased to be a stepping-stone for Turkish food producers to begin exporting their products to new markets and said, “Thisi s a win-win situation not only for Tesco’s customers but also for Turkish suppliers.” At present, Tesco already imports products such as fish, figs and other dried fruits to their English consumers.

Ozan Yurt, the CEO of Tatlan Gıda, whose halva and Turkish delight products are included in the new project that will put Turkish products on the shelves of Tesco’s Britain branches, says they are both excited and extremely proud to be entering the English market. “While we have this opportunity to introduce ourselves to one of Europe’s most important markets, this project will also allow us to provide added-value to our own culture. This is a great opportunity for us,” says Yurt.



Source Sabah

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