Ibrahim Karamanlioglu, the principal of the Nurullah Kocabiyik Primary in Aydin’s Didim district, asked students a question four years ago: “If you had an opportunity, what animal would you like to feed?”

Most of the students said “birds.” So, Karamanlioglu, with the help of the District National Education Directorate and the parents, decided to build a bird sanctuary on the school premises.

The school administration contacted the Veterinary Faculty at Adnan Menderes University and together they built the “Sevimli Kanatlar Parki” (Lovely Wings Park), with 50 birds of 20 different species.

Decorating the school’s walls and windows with the pictures of animals that children love, the school administration created an environment where students enjoy their lessons.

During recess, the students go to the park where they can feed the birds by hand, including canaries, quails, pheasants and parrots. Aquariums at the school also attract the students’ attention.

Principal Karamanlioglu visits classes with his parrot Sera sitting on his shoulder. He feeds it at the school and shares the happiness of the students.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Karamanlioglu said that at his school children’s voices mix together with the sounds of birds. “I love animals and nature very much. We have achieved a lot of successes in instilling children with love for animals,” he said.

Source:  Daily Sabah

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