A Turkish surgeon working at London’s St. George’s Hospital has been awarded Britain’s NHS Hero award for his efforts to heal former patient Shereen Sadiq, who suffered severe head injuries after being struck by a blunt object in a burglary at her house.

The award, presented to all branches of the health sector for extraordinary efforts nationwide, was awarded to maxillofacial surgeon Mehmet Manisalı after Sadiq nominated him for the national award.Sadiq’s face, which was completely crushed in the attack, underwent multiple operations led by Manisalı until the completion of intensive therapy and neuro-rehabilitation.


Sadiq described Manisalı as an “inspiring, warm and caring surgeon” who had changed her life for the better and helped her “look in the mirror again,” according to a press release.Manisalı said the award was “very special” to him.
“It is very humbling to be presented with this award and very special to me as being nominated by one of your patients makes it a very personal and emotional experience. I am delighted with the progress Shereen has made over the last few years, and have to pay a huge amount of credit to my team who have supported her every step of the way, and to Shereen for the inspiring courage and determination she has summoned over the last few years,” Manisalı said.





Source Hürriyet

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