Tourism professionals from Bodrum, who participated in the 48th Utrecht Tourism Fair held in the Netherlands, said they expect a record number of tourists from England and the Netherlands this season.

Bodrum Hoteliers Association (BODER) Secretary-General Orhan Kavala said the fair, which is held every January, was the second-biggest fair in Europe.

In line with the impression they obtained from the fair, Kavala said they expect to see a significant increase in the number of Dutch tourists this year.

“In past years, Bodrum welcomed tourists from the Netherlands and the U.K. There was a fall in the figures, but at this point, the numbers started to rise again. The most important thing in tourism is that declines can occur very fast, and rises can occur very slow,” said Kavala, adding, “At the moment, the U.K. and Dutch markets have increased their trips to Bodrum in terms of both the number of aircraft and the number of tourists that plan to come. This is a positive development. If we continue in this way, we will pass the previous periods.”

Kavala also indicated there were important fairs ahead of them, such as the Berlin Fair, the EMIT Fair and the Moscow Fair, saying they were all decisive, big fairs. He also emphasized that the presentations and promotions to be carried out at the fairs will increase the number of tourists coming to Bodrum.

Serdar Saril, general manager of the Bodrum Holiday Resort, which is among the hotels preferred by Dutch and British tourists, said the Utrecht Tourism Fair gave clear information for the next season.

“When we look at the bookings and the numbers we have received for this season, we saw they were well over the figures of the previous years. There are agencies speaking of increases of 100 percent,” Sarıil said.

Pointing to the high interest their stands received during the fair in the Netherlands, Saril said European tourists couldn’t receive the service they get in Turkey from any other country.

“They especially love the Aegean region, Bodrum, Marmaris and Fethiye. They couldn’t find the service they wanted in other countries, and that is why I believe we will face higher numbers than the ones we have received until now,” Saril added.

The early booking period is going on very well this year, Saril said, emphasizing that there was a high demand related to Turkey this year, especially from British tourists.

Source:  Daily Sabah

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