A 22-YEAR-OLD man has admitted murdering two Co Down women in Turkey in August 2011.

Recep Cetin, who had been accused of stabbing to death his girlfriend’s mother Marion Graham and her friend Kathy Dinsmore, admitted the killings in a Turkish court on Wednesday.

Ms Graham, a mother-of-five from Newry and Ms Dinsmore, from Warrenpoint, had been holidaying with Ms Graham’s 15-year-old daughter Shannon in the popular tourist resort of Kusadasi.

The bodies of the women, both aged 54, were found lying in a remote forest near the city of Izmir. During a hearing at the Fifth High Criminal Court in Izmir, Cetin – who had originally claimed he was 17 but was later found to be 22 – called for the media to be removed from the court.

Claiming he was suffering from depression because of coverage of the case, Cetin, said: “I have read reports claiming I cut off the victims’ heads.

“I murdered them. That is true. But the media has reported false allegations.”

He also told the court he felt that he was being treated like a “Christian, an atheist or communist”, saying: “I am a Muslim.

“I am guilty and my guilt is a sufficient enough punishment for me.”

The waiter also spoke up on behalf of his father, Eyup, who has been on remand in prison since it was claimed he was involved in the murders.

Cetin said: “Why is my father in prison?

“My father is innocent, yet he has been in prison for one and a half years.

“Camera records show my father was not at the scene at the time of the incident.”

So the latest on this story is that Cetin has now admitted to the tragic murders.


Source RTE

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