Two Britons who went missing during a hike near the Aegean resort town of Bodrum were found by search and rescue teams yesterday.

Kristy Walker, 21, and Juliette Tves, 20, went missing after going for a hike in the wilderness near Bodrum’s Yalıçiftlik village. 

The two friends, who work as babysitters in Sea Garden hotel, were startled by a snake they saw and lost their way. The two women called their co-workers at the hotel to let them know they were lost before their cell phones ran out of batteries.

Hotel personnel called the emergency services, which in turn notified the Turkish Search and Rescue Association’s (AKUT) Bodrum branch. A team of six volunteers from AKUT found the two friends after an hour-long search and took them to the hotel they worked at.

AKUT team leader Saadettin Uslu said hotel personnel helped in the efforts to find the missing women. “Walker and Tves were in good condition when we found them. They had panicked because it got dark outside; [but] other than that, they are okay.”

Source: Hurriyet

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