The award for best Airport of the Year was given to Istanbul Airport by readers of a U.K.-based magazine. The airport operator firm IGA announced on Nov. 5.

Airport operator firm IGA announced on the 5th November that Istanbul beat several international airports such as Heathrow in London, Sydney in Australia and Changi in Singapore.

The CEO of IGA, Kadri Samsunlu said the “airport gained a significant momentum to be a global hub with its unique architecture, strong infrastructure and high-technology” and that “we aim to bring more awards to Turkey by reaching our targets in the coming periods”.

Istanbul Airport’s first phase officially opened in October 2018, and took over air traffic from the former main Ataturk Airport on April 6.

It is said that the airport will serve over 200 million passengers annually when the completion of all four phases take place by 2028.

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