In the statement made by the Aydın Governorship, it was stated that unauthorized access to forest areas is prohibited until 31 October 2022 and within the scope of fire prevention measures for those, who who do not comply with the rules will be penalized.

Governor of Aydın signed an important decision to prevent forest fires. In the statement made by the Aydın Governorship, “It is prohibited to have activities, picnics and stay in the specific areas, on the roads around and through the forests, at the edge of the forest areas without permission from the local government dynamics. The Citizens will only be able to have picnics on areas reserved for picnic activities by taking the necessary precautions.”

According to the statement made; the areas, which cannot be entered without permission as as follows: Efeler Town; Paşa Yaylası, Şehir Deresi, Dümentepe Forest, Çiftlik-Alanlı, Köşk Town; Aydın-Köşk Forest, Didim Town Çamlıburun State Forest, Çine Town; The Mountain of Madran, Gökbel, Karpuzlu Town; Çilekdere Forests, Çataltepe Forests, Meriçler-Kullar Forests, Ovapınarı Forests, Koçarlı Town; Yığıntaş-Çeşme, Gaffarlar-Akmescit, Kuşadası Town; Davutdağ, Nalkıran ve Burçak Çukuru State Forest, İvedik (Güldağ ve Gümüşdağ State Forest, Çınar State Forest, Gülkavak (Caferli) State Forest, Soğucak State Forest, Akdere (Davutlar ve Güzelçamlı) State Forest, Karina ve Gümelez Serisi State Forest, Taşlıbelen Devlet Ormanı, Germencik ve Söke Towns; Gümüşdağ Serisi State Forest, Karabacak State Forest, Karina Serisi State Forest, İncirliova Town; Arpadere State Forest, Bozdoğan Town; Madran State Forest, Korişdağı State Forest, Ericek – State Forest, Madran State Forest, Altıntaş State Forest, The Village of Örentaht State Forest, Güre State Forest, The Village Yeşilyenice – State Forest, The Village of Akseki State Forest, The Village of Amasya State Forest, The Village of Akyaka State Forest, Sarpça State Forest, Asma Serisi State Forest, Karlık Serisi and State Forest, Karacasu Town; Yenice State Forest, Kartaldere State Forest, Hançam State Forest Dedebağ Vicinity, Karlık State Forest, The Village of Tepecik – State Forest, Nazilli Town ; Oyukdağı State Forest, Ovacık State Forest, Karadağ State Forest, Kavakdağı State Forest, Çaldağı State Forest, Darlan Devlet Ormanı, Medeksu-Sarısu State Forest, Düzyol-Kozarası State Forest, The Pinetum of Hasköy – State Forest, Kuyucak and Nazilli Towns; Karıncalıdağ State Forest, Kuyucak Town; Aytepe State Forest, Armutlu Yayla Serisi State Forests, Karadağ State Forest, Yaylalı State Forest, Ergediği State Forest, Yöre State Forest.”

Those Areas Are Left Out Of The Prohibition

On the other hand, in the statement made by the Governer of Aydın: “Koçarlı Adnan Menderes City Forest, Dilek Peninsula National Park Registered Picnic and Recreation Areas are not within the scope of this prohibition (These areas are under different local government areas. Moreover provided the rules are followed, the precautions are taken due with the permission of the local government Office and the directorate of forestry operation are informed; the establishments engaging in tourism & sports activities and the citizens may have activities in the areas, which the access is proihibited to.On critic weather conditions additional prohibition may be announced.” It was noted, that as these regions are excluded from the prohibition; those who do not comply with the rules will be penalized.

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