Treasure hunters in the western Turkish province of Izmir have started to target underwater sculptures displayed by diver Murat Yaman, believing that the sculptures have historical value.

Yaman, 50, who works as a diver and lives in Gumuldur in Izmir’s Menderes district, created the sculptures after coming to an agreement with a number of local hotels, placing them underwater in certain spots for tourists to see. 

However, he subsequently noticed that a number of the sculptures had gone missing and he later found that they were stolen by treasure hunters. 

“What’s more, some people who do not even know that I created the sculptures came to me to propose that I steal the sculptures for them from underwater,” Yaman said. 

“I created diving spots by placing my sculptures around the Tavsan Island in Gumuldur and Ozdere, and I take the hotel guests diving. It is like an underwater museum and draws the attention of holiday-goers. I placed ancient-like columns and sculpture heads. People started spreading the word that these sculptures have genuine historical value and my sculptures ended up getting stolen because of treasure hunters. I’m sick of it,” he added.

Source:  Daily Hurriyet

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