Turkey’s 100 percent vegan festival, Didim Vegfest, will be organized for the second time in Aydin’s tourist center Didim, known as a vegan-friendly city and recognized as one of Turkey’s nature paradises, between April 20-23.

Throughout the four-day event, vegan food workshops, food shows and food contests will be held. Moreover, vegan products will be displayed and local flavors will be shared.

Didim Vegfest will hold more panel sessions than last year on animal exploitation and veganism, enabling people who are considering becoming vegan to ask questions about the concept and eating habits.

The festival committee also announced that dietitians would work in the field during the festival to inform participants.

The Didim Vegfest, which will be set up next to the ancient Apollo Temple, expects over 200,000 participants due to the immense participation last year.

Apart from food-related events, the festival will host live concerts by local and recognized Turkish singers and groups.

For further information, visit the official festival webpage: http://didimvegfest.com/

Source:  Daily Sabah

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