Visa policy for foreigners visiting Turkey to be eased
Just when we thought all confusion over visa’s and insurance had ended we are now faced with a new change to the long awaited 90 out of 180 day visa.

It has now been announced that foreigners visiting Turkey will be able to prolong their 90-day tourist visas to nine months, allowing them to have more time to enjoy Turkey without the hassle of acquiring a residence permit.

Under the current visa regulations, tourists are currently only allowed to stay 90 days in 180 days. However, the Ministry of Internal Affairs has made a change to the visa policy for foreigners, enabling them to extend tourist visas for an additional six months.

Those whose visas have already expired will also be able to extend their stay in Turkey to nine months upon paying a fine.

We are currently investigating the costs of these fines and how to go about extending your visa, more information will follow as and when we recieve it.

As you may be aware the laws in Turkey are constantly changing and we aim to update our readers as quickly as possible so be sure to keep checking back with us for the most current info.


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