Common poppies, which grow in many regions in spring, are mentioned in poems, legends, and folk songs and present a visual feast in the vast fields in Sanliurfa province with their red appearance.

Seen in April in the southeast and decorating fields and roadsides for a month, poppies make nature lovers experience a different atmosphere in the Viransehir district.

Beautiful flowers blossom in 40-acre wheat and barley fields in the Kargali neighborhood, which is 20 kilometers away. Drawing the attention of locals and other citizens from nearby cities, they are also a point of interest for photography lovers. Locals of all ages are a model themselves for these photographers, free of charge.

One of the villagers, Mehmet Erkan, said poppies blossom in the same region every year, presenting perfect red views, although the number of flowers has decreased this year due to low rainfall. Erkan said: “When it is rainy, it is better for common poppies. The low rainfall affected the flowers this year. We had more flowers last year. People come here when the flowers blossom, and we are flooded by visitors, especially on weekends. Photographers come to take photos of this natural beauty. This 40-acre field will be visited by more people if it is introduced. Our guests and friends come to enjoy nature and picnic.” One of the children in the village, Nisa Erkan, mentioned that she goes to the region with her friends to take in the beautiful view of the common poppies.


Source:  Daily Sabah

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