The devastated daughter of murder victim Marion Graham said the “horrendous” stabbing tore her family apart. Shannon Graham was just 15 when her then boyfriend, Recep Cetin (22), stabbed her mother and friend Cathy Dinsmore to death in 2011.

Outside of Izmir Bayrakli Fifth High Criminal Court yesterday she made a short statement after the Turkish waiter was given two life sentences for the brutal double murder. Both sentences must be served in solitary confinement.

His father Eyup Cetin (43) was found not guilty of aiding and abetting on a 2-1 majority, despite damning evidence from a secret witness. “I am just satisfied with the result,” she said.

“These murders tore us apart.” Her former boyfriend had pleaded for leniency in court, repeating earlier claims he was too young for an adult court and that he had acted in self-defence against the two women, who were both 53. “I made a mistake. I was a teenager,” he said. “I feared for my life when they (the victims) attacked me and I did what I did.”


Meanwhile, George Dinsmore, the brother of Ms Dinsmore, said he was “relieved and happy” that the accused had been given the maximum sentence.

“The judges have done everything they can do. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. I am very relieved that we’ve got a verdict and closure,” he said.


The family’s lawyer Baris Kaska said the atmosphere in the courtroom after the verdict had been announced had been more reflective than celebratory. “The trial is finally over after two years,” he said. “We believe the verdict is right and my clients here are satisfied with the verdict. “This is the highest sentence Turkish courts can issue on such a crime.” He said they planned to appeal the release of Eyup Cetin but that it was “not a priority”.

“In the end, we think it has been a fair trial based on all the evidence collected regarding the incident,” he added. “They will not comment on the release of the other defendant but they are satisfied with the sentence issued for Recep and think justice has been served.”

Shannon Graham travelled regularly with her mother to Turkey and it was during one of these trips that Shannon met the accused and started a relationship with him. The pair were said to have been seeing each other for two-and-a-half years as the family spent their summers in the Turkish resort and travelled back to Ireland in winter. By August 2011 their relationship was strained after Cetin put pressure on teenager Shannon to marry him. It is believed the two women were killed when they attempted to dissuade Cetin from marrying Shannon.

Irish Independent

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