Even though it wasn’t completely Turkish in the beginning, Kumpir is a dish that Turks adopted as their own.

Kumpir, a dish made from potato, actually originated from the former Yugoslavia. When Turks were introduced to Kumpir, they loved it so much that it became more and more popular by the day. Even though its name resembles Yugoslavia’s khumpir, Turks gave it a completely new style, as it is now baked and many different fillings are added.

In Turkey, kumpir is made from a baked potato. When a baked potato is cut and comes out of the oven, it is mixed with butter and pale yellow cheese made of sheep’s milk. Later, Turkish mezes, mushrooms, sausage, corn, olives, Russian salad and sauces are added on top of the baked potato. While making your Kumpir, the seller asks you what kind of fillings you want in your potato. You then choose the ones you want, customizing your dish. Kumpir is generally sold on the streets, especially in touristic destinations. It is a popular fast food across the country.

In Istanbul, the best place to eat Kumpir is Ortakoy, located on the European shore. Ortakoy is so famous with its Kumpirs that dozens of Kumpir sellers can be found on the streets. The best café to try Kumpir in Ortakoy is Beltas. It is located on the seaside and is the best café to catch an amazing view of Istanbul.

In Ankara’s Cankaya district, Kitir is one of the best places you can eat Kumpir. Many of the customers that come here praise its delicious Kumpir, and the dish is among the most preferred of the restaurant.

In Izmir, Destina Life fast food café is one of the best Kumpirci (a café selling Kumpir) in Izmir. If you have a chance to visit, you must try one.




Source:  Daily Sabah

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