The Original source of our quality products began back in Macedonian Tikveş Kavadarci. Our great-grandfather Haci Sharifogullari who made the big decision to emigrate to Istanbul from Kavadarci in 1912 gave both our grandfather Sharif Kırıkkaya and our father Huseyin Kırıkkaya the opportunity to later move and settle in Tire (Izmir) where they engaged in agricultural and animal husbandry, their hard work paid off and the family Business was born.

The KIRIKKAYA dairy was officially founded in 1992 by Akin Kırıkkaya (pictured here), the youngest of 3 brothers. Tire was to become the source of the lush green grass and nature they required to produce the delicious milk’s that have made them the success they are today.

Akin Kırıkkaya, was the first brother that ventured into business by producing completely natural products with a milk capacity of just 250 kg and 5 personnel and from this they managed to turn these very limited resources into the Kirikkaya we know today.

The first sales of Kirikkaya’s delicious, natural products made traditionally from raw materials from the family farm could only be found at Tire, Ürkmez, Özdere and  Karsiyaka Market places.

The appreciation of Kirikkaya’s delicious products rapidly gained in popularity due to its natural flavour and the traditional methods used in its production, some are still in use today. Thanks to this appreciation an opportunity opened up to expand, allowing their first shops to open their doors to the public in Tire, Izmir and Kusadasi to provide their customers with their renowned quality of service.

In 1996, middle brother Cetin Kırıkkaya, came on board as head of sales due to the rapid expansion of their regional sales network, followed by big brother Metin  Kırıkkaya who also came on board to help meet the demand of the continued growth and successfully taking over the running of the Kusadasi  branches. In 2020 Metin Kirikkaya successfully introduced the availability of a wide range of imported goods to cater for their customers from our expat communities.

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