The natural wetland formed by melted snow and ice from Mount Ararat, the biggest mountain in Turkey, mesmerizes visitors.

Located in the foothills of Mount Ararat and described as “the roof of Turkey” because of its height, Mount Ararat National Park offers a visual feast. The national park hosts a wide variety of animals, fish, reptiles and various land mammals.

Situated on the slopes of the mountain at 5,137 meters, the park draws visitors from Iran, Nakhichevan and nearby cities with its natural beauty and diversity.

Igdir Director of Forestry and Water Affairs Mete Turkoglu said Mount Ararat is one of the biggest attractions in the region.

Highlighting the national park’s beautiful wetland, Turkoglu said: “This area is fed by water from Mount Ararat. It hosts waterfowl and has different flora and fauna. Its ever-increasing diversity of birds, flowers and reed beds also help to attract a growing number of visitors.”

Adding that the area is home to many wild animals, he continued: “This area attracts the most bird species in the region since it has a complex ecosystem. Igdir is unique because it sits in migratory routes. It is very rich in water. Since it is located in the foothills of Mount Ararat, the water melting from the peak sustains the area.”

Photographer Umit Eren, who came to the national park to take photos, said the area offers unique subjects.

“I captured beautiful shots of wildlife this weekend. I was able to photograph many rodents, reptiles and bird species. This area is always great for wildlife photography because of the area’s mild climate. Every season has its own beauty and an uncorrupted geography. This is a great place for all photographers to visit,” Eren said.

Source:  Daily Sabah

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