A new book by Hurriyet Daily News writer Niki Gamm has been published by Çitlembik Publications. Titled “White Plume,” the book describes the story of 12-year-old Charles Henby.

Henby’s father has been murdered and now the murderers are after him because he is carrying a letter asking for help from the “real” king of England to the Ottoman sultan. The year is 1716 and the Ottomans are about to fight the Austrians for control of the Balkans.


Young Henby is caught up in the battle and swept along to the Ottoman court in Edirne. Will the murderers find him before he can deliver the letter? Will he survive amid the jealousies and intrigues at court long enough to present his letter to the sultan?

“A book that will be difficult to lay aside – a real thriller,” said Talat Halman, Turkey’s first culture minister, poet and interpreter, who passed away last month, about the book.

“The author has a deep knowledge of the Ottomans and since I work on Ottoman art and culture, I found ‘White Plume’ very enjoyable. She has done an excellent job of imagining the Ottoman world,” said Turkish art historian, academic and writer Nurhan Atasoy.




Source Hurriyet

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