Precious stones are formed by the movement of the earth’s crust. Their formation process can take millions of years and they collect electromagnetic energy generated by minerals, vapor and lava on their way to the earth’s surface.

Because of this, precious stones are a gift, a valuable source of healing for people. In Oriental civilizations these stones are used to support treatment methods. There is still research being made to identify the secret of the healing impact of these stones.

The magical quality precious stones — such as onyx, amethyst, azurite, amber and sapphire present when reflecting light is one of the reasons people covet them. When light moving through these stones is fractured, they become transparent, like quartz crystal. When the light waves are absorbed by the stone, colors emerge and they take on a translucent, quasi-translucent or opaque quality, depending on the structure of the stone.

Imitation stones are not natural; therefore, they are discernible from organic precious stones. Fake or imitation stones were first made in Egypt, and they are now mostly made of glass or plastic.


If there is attraction, the stone may have healing power. Our thoughts have a great impact upon our lives. We may increase our energy with positive thoughts. When the energy of the stones merges with the power of positive thinking, we can see the power of healing. This merged power is greater than the power of the stone or of the thought separately.

Precious stones that have been used for thousands years to create a balance between mind, soul and body are now extremely popular. The precious stones are perfect for transforming the negative energy into positive.

When you feel attracted to a stone, this means that the stone has healing power. If it is a stone that needs to interact with the body, it should be greater than two karats. If it is used as pendant or ring, its setting should have an open back to allow the stone to have contact with the skin.

Stones should be custom-bought for every person. There are some tips that you should pay attention to in respect to precious stones. Above all, a person who touches a precious stone leaves the traces of his own state of mind on that stone. For this reason, precious stones should be custom-selected for all. To erase the vibrations and traces of a person who touches a stone, the stone should be left in a saline solution for a few days and then purified with clean water.

If you use the stone everyday, it is sufficient to place it in a water solution with sea water and apple citrus to erase any negative traces. If we were aware of the healing power in stones used by women as accessories, stress-based illnesses would not be so widespread.








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