After a long night partying and being severely hungover, a friend and I met at a restaurant for some breakfast on her break from work. I walked in and immediately my eyes locked on to the most gorgeous guy!

We both let out a shy smile. After a few minutes I pulled my eyes over to the menu but suddenly felt really hot and dizzy, “Mr Beautiful” came over, and he looked so familiar.

He had an ice-cold bottle of water in his hand and gently placed it on my forehead as he pushed my head back to rest on the chair. He placed his hands on my head and stroked my hair out of the way while pressing and running his fingers back and forth over my pressure points at the side of my head. I felt so relaxed, and I actually felt better.

“You’re Kate” he said, I said “YES!!!” How do you know? He said “I have your number in my phone!” I replied with “I don’t think so!” He took his phone out and called me. He told me we were friends MSN Messenger and after a night chatting and drinking wine online, I had given him my number. I mean that’s some seriously strong wine!

I’m a shy person at heart so it shocked me. That night we went back to his work for pre-drinks as we were going to the local nightclubs opening party. It was a red carpet, VIP event with a champagne ball. Sadly, Cen had to work. I’d worn the sexiest dress I could find knowing I would see him again. As I walked in the door of the restaurant, I caught Cens eye, my heart skipped a beat with my palms sweating. He smiled at me. This was his first job in tourism, so he was a shy too.

We were only there a short while, but he smiled every time he passed. The girls and I headed off to the club and had a great night, but I couldn’t get Cens smile out of my head.

A few days passed which found my friends and I in a bar. As I turned to look at the bar, he was there! He was sat looking and smiling at me. I went straight over, asking him what he was doing here? He laughed and said “eh?” I repeated the question, He then replied with. “No, no, me no English!” I was starting to think he was a weirdo as clearly I’d spoken to him already. He was repeating himself “me no English.” I laughed saying “ok then, well I’ll see you around, bye!”

I was gutted. He turned out to be another strange one! As I walked away, he grabbed my arm laughing, saying “I’m playing, I wanted to see you!” My heart stopped! I felt the excitement run through my body, like a million fireworks went off! All night he was such good company, really easy to talk too and actually really funny; I felt like we’d known each other for years.

He offered to give me a lift home after the club and stop for a bite to eat. It was 4:40am, we grabbed a kebab from takeaway next door. I nervously laughed at his little moped. He laughed, patting my hand as if to say, “you’ll be ok”. We headed off down a really bumpy road, he had to slow the bike as there were potholes everywhere. I remember the sun starting to rise and the atmosphere was amazing!

As we slowed down, he turned his head to ask if I was ok. My heart and stomach did a summersault. I don’t know what came over me, I leaned forward pulling his face in for a kiss. It was the best kiss ever. It’s so out of character for me to make the first move but it felt right. He stopped the bike at an old school premises, he helped me off the bike and we sat on an old rolled up carpet on the ground. He handed me my kebab that he’d very sweetly already opened ready for me to eat. Sat down next to me and gave me a kiss on the lips before tucking into his kebab.

My heart pounding, we looked forward to seeing the most stunning sunrise it felt so romantic.

Later he dropped me off at home and we shared a kiss goodbye. The next day we spent the full day together ….. and night……

We’re now 12 years on, 10 years as his Wife and 4 beautiful children together. Sometimes it’s just meant to be. Thanks for reading, Kate.

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