It is important to keep wildlife safe as mankind continues to urbanize. To protect and record the wildlife in Anatolia, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry’s Nature Protection and National Parks General Directorate observe and protect wild animals such as the Anatolian leopard, caracals, striped hyenas, bearded vultures and lynxes with a total of 1,924 drones and camera traps.

Initiated to keep track of animals that are facing extinction, the ministry observes and documents the animals as well as their behavior.

Camera traps, which are tracked by satellites, are installed in places that are previously pinned as natural habitats. The cameras are resistant to all weather conditions and capable of recording at long range. With the GPS that the drones and cameras feature, the ministry teams who patrol these areas are notified if the animals need any assistance.

The data obtained from drones and camera traps is collected in the ministry’s database and examined by scientists and academics from universities all over Turkey.

Source:  Daily Sabah

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