A world-renowned brain surgeon has announced that he never uses mobile phones and warned parents to keep mobile phones away from children.

Professor Gazi Yaşargil, who is originally from Turkey but resides in the US and Switzerland, was in Turkey on Monday, meeting younger colleagues at Yeditepe University.

During his visit to the university, he also participated in brain surgery at the university’s hospital, Milliyet reported. Speaking to reporters during his visit, Yaşargil said he does not own a mobile phone.

He also spoke about cancer, noting it personally disquieted him that humanity has as of yet failed to find a cure. “What makes me unhappy is that we don’t know what cancer is. We don’t know what causes it. We don’t know the cause for all cancers . Cerebral cancer

doesn’t metastasize in other parts of the body; it stays in the brain. Finding the cause of cancer is extremely important to me.”


Yaşargil also spoke about the history of his field, saying: “When I became a brain surgeon in 1960, the number of brain surgeons around the world was 500. There were none in Turkey. Currently, there are 40,000 in the world and 1,400 in Turkey. Advances in computer technologies have spectacularly eased diagnostics. [Problems] can be examined without any damage or pain to the patient. We are improving both in terms of diagnostics and treatment in brain surgery.”

The professor noted that the average human brain is made up of 150 to 200 small chambers, saying each chamber was responsible for producing different thoughts. Continuing on his analogy, he said: “Brain diseases usually hit one chamber and stop in other areas. The brain is trying to grasp the universe and breaks up atoms into pieces. We usually use 51 percent of our brains in decision making. It is only when we are in love that we give it our 100 percent. This is chemical agreement. Sometimes just one look is like lightning striking. The hundred billion cells of the brain do not know what to do. One forgets everything. One cell goes for it, and billions of others just follow it.

”Source Zaman

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