Izmir’s Seferihisar municipality has sold olive oil that has been obtained from old olive trees in the district at an auction.

Half a litre of olive oil from a 1,800 year-old olive tree in the ancient city of Teos found a buyer for 22,000 Turkish Liras at the auction.

With research, the municipality detected 300 olive trees in the district were older than 500 years. The olives that have been picked were pressed at an olive oil factory in the municipality. The olive oil obtained was sold at an auction, organized twice this year.

Organized under the shadow of the 1,800 year-old olive tree in the ancient city of Teos, the auction was conducted by Munadi Nedim Atilla. The olive oil from the monumental trees were offered in packages of six or 12 prepared according to their age and rate of acid. The auction started with smelling and taste-testing.

A total of 137 litres of olive oil found buyers for 49,200 liras. At the end of the auction, the olive oil from the 1,800 year-old tree was sold at a special price. It was bought by the owner of a construction company.

Source:  Daily Hurriyet

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