The number of foreign people residing in Turkey has increased dramatically in the last few years thanks to international companies operating in Turkey, educational exchange programs and less restrictive admission requirements at Turkish universities for foreign students.

According to data of the National Police Department, there were 176,717 foreign people residing in Turkey in 2007, and this number increased to 202,085 in 2010. The most-preferred city for foreigners is Istanbul, with 106,156 foreign people residing in the city. The word “foreign” is not actually a good word to define those people residing and working permanently in Turkey. There is another word, “expat,” used to define people working in another country, but such an expression still doesn’t exist in Turkish usage. Thus, there is no other word to define people from other countries except “foreign” currently in the Turkish language. Actually, these people are not really offended by being called foreigners.


Source Zaman

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