September, 12th, from 07:00 pm, there will be the 1st. Yavansu Mahallesi Festival.

The entrance will be free

The festival is being organized by the Yavansu Mahallesi Mukhtar, The Yavansu dernek (Yavansu Mahallesi Social Assistance and Solidarity Association)  and Kuşadası Belediyesi.

Content of the Festival

Nazmi Mustafa Mehmet ,Turkish Folk & Turkish Classical Music, Folklore show by Ritmik Ada Dans Group), Dance show by Elifnagme Dance Group Several other Musicians.

At the Festival,  there will be food & drink sale stands  authentic handicraft stands and several activities  for children.



As guests there will be the Kusadasi Belediyesi Baskani, other local and national politicans, partner association members from samos etc.

Sponsors of the event besides the Kusadasi belediyesi, are Hotels of Yavansu Area, Like Ephesia, Onura, Batihan and others, and several businessmen from Kusadasi.

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