As Turkish tourism seeks alternatives to the all-inclusive system, “yoga tourism” has surfaced as a potential quality alternative.

“The newest holiday trend is to ’purify’ with yoga,” Prof. Akif Manaf, founder of the Yoga Academy, says as more people seek inner peace through yoga to get rid of the negative impacts of city life.

The Yoga Academy holds periodic “yoga camps” in different parts of the country to give people a chance to meet nature through yoga.

“At the camps, when performing yoga under the clear sky with birds singing, one forgets every bit of a problem he faces in modern life,” Manaf said. Holidays should not be all about eating, drinking and lying under the sun, said Manaf, adding that the best way people can relieve their stress is through a “yoga holiday.”

“If you combine your yoga holiday with spa therapy and good food, this experience will not only relax you, but also help you feel reborn.”

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