Zengibar Castle, located among the remains of ancient Isaura in the Central Anatolian province of Konya, which is considered the Ephesus of the region, will soon open to tourism.

The ancient city of Isaura, estimated to have been built in the Byzantine era some 2,000 years ago, is located 16 kilometres away from Konya city centre on an 1860-meter-high hill. Zengibar Castle in the ancient city is surrounded by steep cliffs and overlooks Konya and the Taurus mountains.

Aksaray University’s archaeology department conducted a surface survey at Isaura in 2010 and the third-degree archaeological site was cleaned in 2013.

Following these works, the Konya Metropolitan Municipality made a six-year mid-term plan for the ancient city, while organizations like UNESCO and UNICEF decided to include the ancient site among its places to visit.

As part of a long-term plan for the site, the remains of the castle will be collected and a new castle will be constructed.





Source:  Hurriyet

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