“Twas was the night before Christmas” and all was peaceful down by the seafront on Ladies Beach. I thought it would be nice to catch-up with some of our four-legged friends who are well known by everyone in the area.

The first furry friends I met were what we call the bin cats – the ones who search the bins for food and who do not cope so well at this time of year. One rattle of the bag and I found myself surrounded by them; all scrambling for their place.





Down on the beach first on the scene is Bailey with his silly grin and who ran off before I could take his picture. He was followed closely by Kisem and Toprak who satisified with their treats wander off up the beach to see who else is about that they can beg a morsel from.

Further along is Oscar with his scruffy winter coat. Oscar is a strange little dog and either shows great pleasure at receiving a treat or just ignores it completely like he did tonight.

Next is Beyaz, who is getting on in years – she never refuses a treat and will give you her paw all night long for a tasty crumb.

They say it the season to be jolly, and what could be more jolly than seeing these animals thrive and being cared for by Expats and Turks alike.

It was back in March 2017 when I decided to write about the local animals on Ladies Beach where I live. You can read about them on our website under Kusadasi Life. I started with my own dog Ollie who I had just lost and continued to share tales about many other 4-legged friends on the beach.

Sadly some are no longer with us. Toni, who was not a street dog, lived a long and happy life with her owners at Dream Bar. She is sadly missed by her family and the many visitors who knew her. Betty just disappeared and I hope someone took her and gave her a happy loving home and little Stumpy disappeared as well. He too was getting on in years and I often wonder what became of him.

Lastly, my best friend Mac who I often take for a walk joined me tonight. He is a happy old chappy who just loves his walks and is madly in love with Kisem.

It is these animals who can teach us all about love and affection. Getting to know them over the years and the loyalty and trust they give back cannot be bought.

From myself and the animals, I wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

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