Due to the risk of wildfires, entry to forests has been banned in 27 provinces across Turkey. This decision was made in response to meteorological conditions indicating a high fire risk. The Forest Fire Fighting Commissions, chaired by the governors, convened to discuss the implementation of various precautions in light of weather forecasts predicting increased temperatures and strong winds in some regions.

The measures discussed included the coordination and task distribution of firefighting teams, the effective use of air and ground vehicles, the evacuation and safety of settlements and people in fire-prone areas, and cooperation with public institutions, municipalities, NGOs, and the public. Among these measures was the decision to ban entry to forests.

Bans in Place Until November 30 in Some Provinces

Due to the anticipated high-risk meteorological conditions for forest fires, entry to forests has been prohibited from different dates between May 1 and November 30 in 27 provinces: 8 in the Marmara region, 6 in the Aegean region, 5 in the Mediterranean region, 4 in the Central Anatolia region, and 4 in the Black Sea region.

The commissions also set regulations for lighting fires, such as barbecues, campfires, and samovars, in nature parks, recreational, and day-use areas, with some regions imposing complete bans on lighting fires. These measures aim to prevent fires caused by negligence, such as throwing away cigarette butts without extinguishing them or the improper use of campfires and barbecues.

Provinces and Dates for Forest Entry Bans in “SOME” regions, as of June 11:

Marmara Region

– Istanbul: June 10 – October 15

– Balıkesir: June 3 – October 31

– Çanakkale: June 1 – September 15

– Edirne: June 10 – October 15

Aegean Region

– Denizli: June 1 – October 31

– Uşak: June 15 – October 1

– Izmir: June 1 – October 31

– Manisa: June 1 – October 31

– Aydın: June 1 – October 31

– Kütahya: July 1 – September 30


– Hatay: May 1 – November 30

– ANTALYA: June 7 – October 31

– MUĞLA: June 1 – October 31 (Fethiye)

– Isparta: June 10 – October 15

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