With its crystal blue sea, sand, sun and natural beauty, Akyaka, a beautiful neighborhood that is recognized by the Cittaslow network, has become a popular choice for outdoor enthusiasts who want to spend their holiday vacations in tents. The holidaymakers who do not have the opportunity to stay at luxury hotels in the touristic centers of Mugla province prefer a cheaper holiday at the camping areas in the pine forests of Ula, Marmaris and Fethiye districts.

Nature lovers spend their holidays in caravans and tents that they build in the shadow of giant pine trees. The intensity of these people who choose a cool environment for camping draws attention. Some of them continue their holidays for months.

The tent camping areas Gunluklu in Fethiye and Cubucak in Marmaris attract a lot of attention along with the forests in Akyaka.

Starting the day with a dip in the cool waters of the Gulf of Gokova with the first light of the morning, the camp residents find the opportunity to have their breakfast comprising of organic products grown in the villages of Akyaka, in accompany with plenty of oxygen spreading from the pine trees.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Mugla Service Foundation Economic Operations Coordinator Atiye Durmaz said, “Accompanied by the natural beauty of the Gulf of Gokova, people from the four corners of Turkey can spend their holiday by paying an affordable price like TL 40 daily for everything including electricity here.”

Noting that 300 tents and 50 caravans were located in this area by the Mugla Service Foundation, Durmaz added, “The tent campsite, which leans back on the green mountains and spreads its skirts to the blue water, serves holidaymakers in the shadow of giant pine trees. We have guests staying in the tent area for five-six months. Many visitors from almost every region of Turkey spend their holiday in the tents that they set up.” Retired teacher Fikret Saracoglu explained that they came to the forest camp in Akyaka with a caravan from Diyarbakır province and they have been vacationing here with his family since 1991.

He said he had learned of this place as a result of a coincidence and was very happy.

“There is a nice social environment here. Communication, sharing and solidarity exist. People are respectful of each other. We are camping in a unique landscape in Akyaka. We have established very good neighborly relations here. We stay here for about three months.”

The Saracoglus spend a big part of the day by swimming, hiking and social activities, Fikret Saracoglu stressed, “This place is the mosaic of Turkey. People from the four corners of Turkey come here and establish new friendships. The sea and environment are very nice and so close to the tourism centers.”

Bulent Ozcan stated that he has been living in Denizli province and has been coming to Akyaka in the summer season for two years. Explaining that he has made new friendships and is very happy in the region, he remarked that Akyaka is heaven with its nature and beauty.

“I have been staying here with my family for about three months. We have three-room tents. We have all the materials we need, including our kitchen, refrigerator, oven and television. There is a very nice environment here. Very good and new friendships are being established here. We have a peaceful and happy holiday near the sea in the forest. It is both cheap and with the comforts of a hotel.”

Ozcan noted that it gets crowded before Ramadan Bayram, or Eid al-Fitr, in the camp area and added that the visitors can stay alone with nature here.

Source:  Daily Sabah

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