Osman Bacaru, who has been fighting a legal case since 2018 over the custody of a dog has won the battle in a landmark case.

Osman who is from Aydin met his former girlfriend when she was looking for a new owner for the dog, named Marley. When the couple split, Osman’s girlfriend Ezgi took the dog with her.

 Osman presented the court with evidence that he looked after Marley and was able to prove that he covered the dogs expenses.

A witness report stated that the adoption of an animal is legally a donation and Osman should therefore be seen as the owner of Marley.

Lawyer Oytun Sullu stated that “there was a previous case in which the court ruled for a biweekly visit to the dog for one of the parties in a divorce case. In our case, the court ruled that ownership is justified through donation”.

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