DASK translates as The Turkish Catastrophe Insurance Pool (TCIP) and is a compulsory insurance issued by the Turkish Government. It is a ‘not for profit fund’ to provide insurance cover for properties within Turkey. It has been designed to protect the government from the financial burden of a major earthquake and claims from property owners, develop earthquake awareness and to provide a fund to pay people whose properties have been damaged by earthquake.

The insurance is compulsory for all private dwellings including apartments in blocks and offices, or other work spaces located within these types of buildings that are included on the land registry.

A policy must be taken out every year and a fee paid. The cost of the policy is worked out using the following:

The area of the property

The construction type e.g. wood, concrete, stone

The earthquake risk area

DASK do point out that they only cover the ‘bare bones’ or rebuild costs and that additional cover should be taken out with a private insurance policy.

Premiums are calculated on the basis of 5 earthquakes risk areas and 3 types of building construction methods to generate 15 unit prices that are multiplied by the area of the property in m2.

If you want to calculate the cost of DASK for your property you can do so at this www.dask.com.tr. The website is in Turkish but is easy to use if you follow the guidance below.

İL / İLÇE / BELDE – Chose the county e.g. MUGLA, then the administrative area e.g. FETHIYE then the town or village your property is located.

Then, in the next box, choose one of the three options – Bir Yapı Tarzı Seçin: How is the building constructed:


YIGMA KAGIR YAPILAR – Stone or brick

CELIK BETONARME KARKAS – Steel reinforced concrete

The next box Daire Yüzölçümü: – Input the area of the property in metres squared. Don’t forget to include all the floors of your property.


Click the HESPLA button on the bottom right and up comes the premium for your property and the amount insured.

For example, the maximum premium payable for Fethiye/Oludeniz/Uzumlu for steel reinforced concrete is 252 TL for properties over 245 m2

For stone/brick properties the maximum is 433.50 TL for properties over 344 m2

For other construction types such as wooden buildings 615 TL for properties over 648 m2

The maximum payout in all cases is 110,000 TL – remember we said above this was a ‘bare bones’ policy!

DASK insurance can be bought from many insurance brokers, banks and agents.

One final point, whilst DASK is ‘compulsory’ there appears to be no enforcement to make sure you do have one. You will therefore find many property owners don’t have this cover either through choice or ignorance. So, if you live in an apartment, whilst you may have cover, your neighbours may not.

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