Although the dining scene in Kusadasi is unavoidably tourist oriented, there are still a number of traditional Turkish cafes that can provide an authentic meal.

Most Turkish meals start with a plate of mezze (appetisers), which can feasibly be a meal in itself. But save room for the fabulous tasty kebabs that come in a range of styles and meats.

You may also want to try a kofte, Turkey’s intriguing version of the hamburger.

For dessert, it’s worth indulging in the local baklava if you have a serious sweet tooth.

Traditional Turkish drinks consist of raki, an alcoholic brew distilled from raisins and aniseed, and ayran, a salty yoghurt beverage that is refreshing on a hot afternoon.

Every kind of international cuisine can be found in Kusadasi as well; even American fast food chains.

You should also check out the restaurants along the harbour for incredibly fresh seafood.

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