In the eastern regions of Turkey temperatures have dropped to -40 degrees hindering efforts to find 13 missing migrants in Van province.

Although this is one of the coldest areas in Turkey, Gole a small town in Ardahan province broke the record last year when the temperatures dropped to minus 32.5 degrees and it is this same town which broke the record this year.

Along with the freezing temperatures and blizzards many places in Van province have been cut off. Mehmet Emin Bilmez, mayor of Van said that “unfortunately, such cases of migrant deaths happen in the region (and that) last year we found about 100 bodies after the snow thawed”.

Eastern cities such as Agri had a snow depth for 34 centimetres and the ski resort of Palandoken had a snow depth of 84 centimetres.

In Kars water in a dam which meets most of the eastern province needs has frozen and daily life has been disrupted in many cities.

These winter conditions are a problem for wild animal’s in search for food and the Turkish Red Crescent have left a ton of food for wild animals in rural areas.

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