Efforts to streamline Türkiye-EU visa procedures, including increased embassy staffing, aim to address technical challenges and accommodate rising demand.

Efforts to expedite the visa application process have gained momentum following the recent announcement by Minister of Foreign Affairs Hakan Fidan regarding direct discussions with EU officials to streamline visa procedures, particularly for the business community members and students,

According to informed sources within the EU, efforts are underway in Brussels to simplify specific visa-related procedures.

Clarifying recent trends, EU sources emphasized that there has been no significant change in visa refusal rates compared to previous years. They reiterated the absence of any deliberate policy to deny visas to Turkish citizens or impede their entry into the Schengen Zone.

“There is no significant change in the rejection rate from last year to this year. So, there is absolutely no policy of denying visas to Turkish citizens and preventing Turkish citizens from entering the Schengen Area,” the sources said.

Instead, they attributed delays to technical challenges, affirming ongoing efforts to address these issues collaboratively among member states and at the EU institutional level.

Furthermore, it was revealed that several embassies have bolstered their personnel to accelerate visa application processing. These measures are part of a broader commitment across diplomatic missions to minimize waiting times and enhance the overall visa issuance process. However, concerns were raised regarding visa issuance for truck drivers, with reports indicating a rise in irregular migration via freight vehicles.  Authorities are responding to this trend with increased vigilance, recognizing the need for stricter controls to manage migration flows effectively.

Despite the surge in visa applications last year, which marked a 30% increase compared to the previous year, sources noted that the refusal rate remained consistent.

Notably, Turkish citizens received a substantial number of multiple-entry visas, comprising approximately 70% of all issued visas worldwide.

The volume of visa applications in Türkiye surpassed one million last year, underscoring the significance of ongoing efforts to streamline visa procedures and accommodate growing demand Source: Newsroom https://www.turkiyenewspaper.com/

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