Where the Dardanelles took place on the Gallipoli Peninsula a fox has become a social media sensation as people have been taking hundreds of photos of it and posting them online.

It was back in 2017 when the fox was first seen and due to many people feeding it, the fox has become very friendly.

Like many rural and urban towns in other countries, many foxes have been appearing looking for food and people have been able to make friends with these animals.

For a start, red foxes are unfussy omnivores. They will eat mice, birds, invertebrates and berries – or your leftover pizza. Our cities are full of potential food for them.

Reports of bites to humans are rare, considering the number of people and foxes living cheek by jowl. They usually arise from the animal being cornered rather than an unprovoked attack, so people shouldn’t try luring them into their houses with food.

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