Here at the Ege Eye in association with the Foreign Citizens Advice Centre we ran a very successful campaign in 2017 to raise awareness on the importance of having a Habitation Certificate (HC) for a property in Turkey.

Many contacted the office either by email or in person unaware of such a document and some, although aware of it, were having considerable difficulty in obtaining one. We were surprised to learn that several had paid large sums over the years to ‘friends’ with nothing to show for their money.

As we were able to help a lot of our readers to meet their legal obligations we are running a similar campaign for 2018.

The HC is a legal requirement for every property. It shows that the building has been completed in accordance with the planning permission from the local council authority. It also details the construction authorisation, the completion date of the works, the location and area of the property, details of the property and the use that it is licensed for e.g. residential, commercial etc.. Not having a certificate can result in a lower price being realised for your property should you decide to sell. The Belediye retain the right at any time to order that any property without a HC being used as a residence be closed up until the problem is rectified. If that happens a substantial fine is also usually applied.

Yes of course you can sell your property without a HC but be aware that you will receive a lower than expected price as the buyer will have to apply for a HC themselves.

If you have a HC I can check it out for you and confirm that in fact you have the correct document. Just email a copy of the HC – ‘Yapi Kullinma Izin Belgesi’ in Turkish.

If you are unsure whether your property has a HC you can email a copy of your tapu and we can find out for you.

We have clients who are being assisted by the Foreign Citizens Advice Centre to obtain their HC and the local Belediye has informed us that due to local elections being held next year there will be an amnesty announced in the next couple of months for all properties without HC once the application process has been started. Making an application during the amnesty period can avoid penalties for late application and for using a property without the correct permission in place.

We would encourage you, if you discover you haven’t got a HC, to consider starting the application process, knowing that when you have this important document your property will be legal.

If you would like any further information or have any questions email:

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