Erol Gumrukcu, who established and conducted Kusadasi Bridge Association for 8 years, said; “Bridge is a game of patience.

You can’t play bridge if you are impatient. Therefore, you learn to be patient through playing Bridge. You can succeed to make well balanced communications”.

Erol Gumrukcu, who is actually an Architect, continues his 40 years of Bridge teaching in Kusadasi.

Mr. Gumrukcu, who stated that he has trained over 1200 students so far, won cups and scored high ratings by joining many tournaments, and is now assisting beginners or those who want to improve their Bridge skills by giving lessons.


Saying: “The sport of Bridge increases an individuals’ power of Reasoning, Memory, Intuition and Psychological resistance. I recommend new beginners to have patience for three months. Then they will grow to love Bridge a great deal”, he emphasized that 7 thousand people are playing Tournament Bridge in Turkey.

Erol Gumrukcu, who gives lessons to many Turkish and foreign students, said: “People can learn Bridge from any age and stage. Never think it’s too late. It would be the best sport for your retirement days as it especially enhances the brain functions in your latter years.”

Erol Gumrukcu noted that he can be contacted via his e-mail address for more detailed information.

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