Turkey – Interesting Facts

Did you know that Turkey had the first travel correspondent, whose name was Herodotus. His history of the wars between Greece and Persia, known as “The Histories” and divided in later years into nine books named after the Muses, incorporated observations made on his travels as well as a record of the political events. There is a statue of him at Bodrum near the castle.

Edward Jenner developed a smallpox Vaccine in 1796. However, Lady Montague, the wife of the British ambassador to the Ottoman Empire had written in letters of the strange Turkish practice of giving minute amounts of smallpox to the citizens, which then stopped them from contracting the full-blown disease, in the future. These letters were written in 1717, thereby making Turkey have smallpox vaccine 79 years, AT LEAST, earlier the Europe.

The Turks invented money. The first coins ever made were minted in Turkey at Sardis, the capital of the ancient kingdom of Lydia, at the end of the seventh century B.C. The coins featured a lion’s head.

The stirrup was invented by the Turkish, this allowed greater control of horses when firing bows from horseback.

The paper rolled cigarettes, which were manufactured in large quantities by Phillip Morris, was an idea that he had taken from the Turkish.

A modern one. So significant it deserves a mention. Turkish scientists have developed, or invented, a drug stopping any bleeding in a few minutes, which means it could be used in treating hemophilia.

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