After much controversy as to where this happened it now appears that this took place in Didim. Many newspapers and social media sites stated that the incident took place in Bodrum and Marmaris.

However, it seems that the three men Ritchie Molloy, Aaron Callaghan and Declan Carson had rented a property in the Efeler area of Didim.

The report revealed that the three men took drugs and alcohol in the property that they rented and after one of them went into a coma a call was made to the 112 emergency number.

When the emergency teams arrived it was discovered that 25 year old Richard Molloy was already dead at the scene and that the other two men were in a coma.

At present it has been determined that they had overdosed on alcohol and drugs.

Originally Aaron Callaghan and Declan Carson were taken to Didim State hospital before being transferred to Aydin Adnan Menderes University hospital. They are still being treated in intensive care.

It has been said that the three men originally came to Turkey to have their teeth whitened.


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