With over 16 million people living in Istanbul, water levels in the dams have dropped around 31 percent from last year.

This is due to residents taking more care with personal hygiene as it vital at the present time as the city is struggling with the coronavirus situation.

Professor Huseyin Toros from Istanbul Technical University’s department of meteorological engineering stated that “people need to pay extra attention to hygiene rules to avoid the virus as they wash hands as advised by health experts. “But at the same time, we have to be very careful about water consumption. If we don’t, the dams’ capacity level will shrink further in summer, causing problems.” He also noted that at least two litres of water are used during hand washing for 20 seconds ( which doctors recommend)

Toros also stated that people “sometimes use large amounts of water to wash fruits, adding that we have to come up with solutions to reduce water consumption

However; officials from Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality said “there had not been a striking rise in water consumption over the past weeks. Although household usage has increased, the decline in water consumption compensates for this.

Experts have said that with the summer season approaching this may cause further problems.

Meanwhile, officials from the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality said there had not been a striking rise in water consumption over the past weeks.

Even if there has been an increase in households’ consumption, the decline in water use in offices compensate for this, they said.

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