A HC is issued when a property has been inspected by the municipality and it has been confirmed that it has been built according to the specifications of the building license and the approved construction plans.

It also proves a number of important things for your peace of mind. Amongst other things, it shows that the property was built to plan, that all electrical and drainage works have been approved, that the property is in the correct location on the plot of land and that legally insured workers were used during the building process. It also specifies what the property can be used for.

It is an important document and without it you could find it difficult to sell your property or may have to sell for a reduced price. Additionally, it is an offence to use a property as a residence until the certificate has been issued.

There have been many property owners that have visited the Foreign Citizens Advice Centre looking for advice on this subject. For some it’s a simple matter of taking a copy of their tapu and checking if they have a HC at the Belediye.  For others it’s the start of what can be a long and sometimes frustrating process of obtaining one.

One couple who came to the office some time ago had been without a HC for several years. They had tried to obtain it themselves and even enlisted the help of Turkish friends but all efforts were in vain. Thoroughly disheartened they put all thoughts of the process to the back of their minds until last year when they visited the Foreign Citizens Advice Centre office looking for some guidance on the matter.

Having had experience in dealing with various government departments in regard to the building rules and regulations we were able to assist and guide them through the procedures. It has taken the best part of 9 months to get all the paperwork, documents, reports and certificates together to present to the Belediye in order for the correct certificate to be issued.

The couple are delighted to have the new document in their possession and all that remains for them to do is to take their certificate with their tapu to the tapu office and ask for it to be updated with the box ‘Kat Mulkiyeti’ to be crossed.

If you have any doubts as to whether or not you have the right status and would like us to check for you just email us a copy of your tapu to support@adviceturkey.org

This is a free service.

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