It is good to know that 26 beaches and marinas have received blue flags in our area this year.

This year a total of 486 beaches and 22 marinas in Turkey have received the blue flag reward. These awards are determined by the Turkey Environment Education Foundation (TURCEV) within the framework of the Blue Flag program carried out in 49 countries in coordination with the International Blue Flag Jury.

Due to the coronavirus situation there was no ceremony this year to mark the regions achievements.

Along with Setur Marina, the blue flagged beaches are:

Ladies Beach, Kuster Beach, Kusadasi Fantasia Hotel De Lux Beach, Secret Beach, Guvercinada Public Beach, Green Beach, Kustur Club Beach, Davutlar Grand Belish Hotel Beach, Davutlar Palm Wings Beach Resort Beach, Davutlar Risus Aqua Beach Resort Hotel Beach, Davutlar Aydin Metropolitan Municipality Love Beach, Atlantique Holiday Club Beach, Davutlar Flora Garden Ephesus Beach, Ephesia Hotel Beach, Ephesia Holiday Beach Club Beach, Ladonia Hotels beach, Adakule Beach, Grand Blue Sky Hotel International Beach, Charisma De Luxe Hotel Beach, Sealight Elite Beach, Omer Holiday Village Beach, Tusan Hotel Beach, Pine Bay Holiday Resort Beach, Otium Sealight Beach Resort Beach, Infınıty By Sailing Beach, and the Emniyetar Hotel De Luxe Beach.

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