Inci was found in the Ladies Beach area by my good friends Tuija and Timucin. A few years ago I did a series of articles named “Tails of Ladies Beach” mainly about our local street animals that many of our visitors got to know”.

I have re-posted their original story to give you some insight about Tuija’ and Timucin’s background and the reason why they are so desperate to find Inci a home. If you read the article”Ada, Beyaz and Elma” you will understand why. They have rescued 3 dogs from Ladies Beach and had to buy a camper van to make the journey from Finland to Turkey every summer.

When they first saw Inci she had mange and was obviously pregnant. They took her to the vet and treatment was started straight away.

Unfortunately she gave birth to two dead pups in their garden. The poor dog did not understand and kept burying them and digging them up again.

Another trip to the vet and she was spayed. She now has all her vaccinations and apart from being attacked by another dog (another vet visit and stitches) she is doing well.

I have met her a few times and she is the most laid-back dog. She gets on well with people, children, cats and dogs.

She is happy to lie in my friend’s garden with their 3 dogs and has learned very quickly how to sit and come.

If you have read my first post you will understand why they cannot take her to Finland. It is hard enough with 3 dogs and they need to make plans soon to return.

If anyone could find it in their heart to take Inci, from what I have seen they will not have any trouble with her. She is really calm and relaxed and would make a great pet.

If you are interested in helping, you can contact me on 0535 854 65 47

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