There’s no denying that the Covid-19 Pandemic continues to affect most of us, impacting on our lives and sucking a lot of the joy out of our day-to-day activities.

Although realising that we are much luckier than most, we ARK animal supporters in Kuşadası have had to become used to a new ‘normal’ – a substantial portion of our hard-won donations is still having to be used to feed our street animals, which is inevitably impacting on our being able to resume our kitty neutering programme.

We have been unable to raise funds through social events – ‘social distancing’, the clipping of the wings of us curfewed residents in our golden years, and the scarcity of fun-loving tourists have dampened our enthusiasm and our ability to resume an active social programme.

However, all that is about to change – 4 October 2020 is World Animal Day – and co-incidentally also the 40th London Marathon Day!

The Marathon is sadly unable to take place in London, owing to current social restrictions, BUT . . . that is a huge bonus for us ARK supporters, because we are fortunate indeed!!

We will, on 4 October, benefit from the enthusiasm and energy of Rosemary Copsey running a Marathon from the Millipark to the Gazibegendi Cafe for our street animals!!

Rosie has been accepted by the 40th London Marathon Organisers to run as a contestant for charity – but as the race has been prohibited to take place in London this year, all contestants are being encouraged to run in whatever part of the world they happen to live – and we are so lucky having Rosie living amongst us in Kusadasi.

Rosie has just under 8 weeks to train for the run – but she is confident that, despite the summer heat, she will complete her aim, to raise funds to kick-start the resumption of ARK’s cat neutering programme. The race is 26.2 miles long – just over 42 kms – so Rosie aims to run 42 kms for 42 kitty neutering.

Follow her progress via her FB page – Rosemary Copsey.

Already fellow animal lovers have stepped forward to help Rosie – Graham Swain, Chris Lawler and Vincent Macken have all offered to support her along the way with refreshments and encouragement.

To sponsor Rosie’s run, and contribute to ARK’s Neutering Campaign, please follow the link, marking your donation ‘Rosie’

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