As many people are aware Turktelecom, Turkcell and Vodaphone are updating the mobile phone and internet details for all foreigners. Any foreigner with a contract have until the 2nd of May to re-register with these providers or may face restrictions to their service.


You should recieve a message to your mobile phone from Turkcell asking you to come to their office/store with a document that includes your foreign national ID number. A client to our office told us she had to take her passport as well. The message clearly states that if you do not have a foreign national id number, your phone cannot be verified by the authorities and your line shall be restricted for all outgoing calls, excluding emergency calls. This was confirmed by another visitor to our office who doesn’t have an ID number.


Again the same applies to Turktelecom. You will be sent a message telling you that your Internet subscription number is not updated. This must be completed by the 2nd May or you will recieve a restricted service and from 1st August 2019 the service will be completely suspended. The documents needed are your Passport, Residence Card and your abone number.


You will be sent a message and you just have to fill in the form for the link provided. You only have to fill in the fields that are marked with a red asterisk.

We will update as soon as we receive anymore information.

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