Well another year has passed and another Virtual London marathon draws near.

My wife Rosemary has put in 10 months hard training for this event consisting of Monday to Friday exercises down at the sea front and Tuesday and Thursday work outs down at Pigeon Island. Rosemary also does distant runs at the weekends plus four official ten km and one half marathon.

So here we are at this present time fit and rearing to go. Originally this run was going to be for pleasure only. However, after Turkey suffered devastating forest fires she decided to run for their charities.

Various friends will be joining her at various stages of the run and Kusadasi Deputy Mayor will run the last ten kilometers along with her.

The marathon will start at our home with three runners Graham Swain, Alison Grim and Rosemary. It will finish at Sherwood restaurant on ladies beach hopefully between Twelve noon and twelve thirty.

All this happens on Sunday the third of October and on the day any donations can be left at Sherwood restaurant.

Again all is welcome. So if you are free on the third and fancy some fun time at Ladies Beach for a worthwhile charity, you’re more than welcome to join us.

Thank you and take care. God bless.

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